7 Best Keyboards Under 500 INR with Premium Features


Brief: If you are struggling to find the best keyboards under 500 INR then below is the list of best affordable keyboards in India that can be used for regular day to day computer works.

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It is nearly impossible to operate a personal computer without a keyboard. Though Laptops come with integrated keyboards, they often need external keyboards. Based on functionality and design keyboards come in various price segments.

affordable keyboards

The premium segment is not so overcrowded but the budget segment is overcrowded with various keyboards models from numerous manufacturers. This adds difficulty in choosing the best keyboard with basic functionalities at an affordable price from trusted manufacturers.

To eliminate the confusion in choosing the right budget keyboard, we crafted a list of 7 best keyboards under 500 INR. The list is crafted considering all the basic functionalities coupled with the premium build quality. Check out the best budget-friendly keyboards for regular computing needs.

Best Keyboards Under 500 INR

RankKeyboardQuick Buy
1Amkette Xcite Pro Wired USB KeyboardBuy Here
2Amkette Xcite NEO Wired USB KeyboardBuy Here
3Dell KB216 Wired Multimedia USB KeyboardBuy Here
4HP Keyboard K 1500Buy Here
5Zebronics Judwaa 543 Wired KeyboardBuy Here
6Zebronics KM2000Buy Here
7Intex Corona Slim KeyboardBuy Here


1. Amkette Xcite Pro Wired USB Keyboard

Check Latest Price: (Amazon)


Amkette Xcite Pro keyboard tops the list of best keyboards under 500 INR. This is mainly because of its premium build quality and smart functionality. Amkette Xcite Pro keyboard offers best in class comfort and enhanced typing experience with quick shortcut keys. The keyboard is designed to provide better accessibility. It also serves as an entry level gaming keyboard which is good enough to play games like GTA and similar others. Amkette Xcite Pro is one of the best selling keyboards on Amazon and Flipkart.

Key Features:

  • Spill-resistant keyboard design to protect the keyboard from accidental liquid spillovers at desks.
  • UV coated keys to prevent fading of letters due to regular usage.
  • Quick shortcuts for Internet and multimedia access.

Note: At Amazon, you can buy the Amkette Xcite Pro USB Keyboard along with a combo of a high precision Amkette optical mouse under 500 INR.


2. Amkette Xcite NEO Wired USB Keyboard

Check Latest Price: (Amazon)

Amkette Xcite Neo

Another feature-rich affordable keyboard from Amkette. It offers similar functionality like Amkette Xcite Pro. It only differs in design and weight. Amkette Xcite Neo is a lightweight keyboard weighing only 290 grams while the Xcite Pro weighs 458 grams. If you are looking for a lightweight keyboard with a modern and stylish design the Amkette Xcite NEO will be a perfect choice. If you are not worried about weight, then consider buying Amkette Xcite Pro Keyboard as it has better accessibility features with superior design.

Key Features

  • Ergonomic design with better comfort for wrist and is good for long hours of typing work.
  • Light in weight.
  • Simple and modern design.
  • Spill-resistant.
  • UV coated keys.

If you just need a Keyboard you get an Amkette Xcite NEO Wired Keyboard for just Rs. 309. If you also need a mouse then you can buy both keyboard and mouse combo for just Rs. 469 from Amazon.


3. Dell KB216 Wired Multimedia USB Keyboard

Check Latest Price: (Amazon)

dell KB216

Dell is the world’s renowned PC and computer accessories maker. If you are looking for a keyboard from a premium brand and trusted manufacturer then nothing could be better than Dell as it is world’s most trusted brand in Personal Computing space. The Dell KB 216 is a solid keyboard with a better build. It is an entry-level keyboard from Dell and has a minimal design with basic functionality. It is a good quality keyboard and is reliable for rough day to day usage. We would like to mention that, though our list is mainly focussed on keyboards under 500 INR, we thought of including the Dell KB 216 which is priced Rs. 529 because it is from a trusted brand. The additional price may not make a difference as it comes with superior quality.

Key Features:

  • A compact design featuring a full-sized keyboard and number pad.
  • Convenient multimedia keys to easily access functions such as play, pause, rewind and fast-forward plus volume control.
  • 1 Year warranty from Dell.
  • High-quality build material.
  • Soft and durable keys

4. HP Keyboard K 1500

Check Latest Price: (Amazon)

HP Keyboard K 1500

HP Keyboard K 1500 is another decent entry-level keyboard from Hewlett-Packard. It is a keyboard with a minimalist design with good spacing between keys which helps you type faster with better accuracy. The keys layout is not congested. The keyboard offers a great performance and can sustain Rapid data input. If you are looking for a keyboard with a better performance the HP K1500 is an ideal choice for your budget under 500 INR.

Key Features:

  • Spill-resistant design.
  • Adjustable legs.
  • Quiet keystrokes.

5. Zebronics Judwaa 543 Wired Keyboard

Check Latest Price: (Amazon)


Zebronics Judwaa 543 is a compact and portable keyboard that comes along with a high precision 1000 DPI mouse combo. The USB keyboard has 104 keys, that are high-quality UV coated keys. With a spill-resistant design, Zebronics Judwaa occupies less desk space and is one of the best PC keyboard under Rs. 500. The only drawback with this keyboard is that it lacks shortcut keys for quick access. Its compact design is its selling point.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Device keyboard.
  • 104 Keys with INR symbol.
  • Illuminated keys.
  • Lightweight with better grip.

6. Zebronics KM2000

Check Latest Price: (Amazon)

zebronics K2000

Zebronics K2000 is another multimedia wired USB keyboard with dedicated buttons for media controls. Mentioning about design and quality the keyboard has Comfortable and silent switch tactile feeling with UV printed keycaps. Weighing around 470 grams, Zebronics K2000 has a cable length of 1.45 meters and helps you work by placing the keyboard anywhere easily.

Key features:

  • Good for basic gaming and multimedia.
  • Modern Design
  • Silent and tactile keys with soft pressing

7. Intex Corona Slim USB Keyboard

Check Latest Price: (Amazon)

intex corona

If you are looking for a cheap keyboard for normal usage and for any business like internet cafes and computer institutes then this is the most budget-friendly keyboard that is available for just 221 INR. It is one if the best keyboard with cheaper cost and better quality. It comes with 5 Million life cycles for keys and offers the best value for money.

Key Features:

  • Water Spill Proof
  • USB Keyboard
  • 104 Keys
  • 5 Million Cycles Life

Final Verdict:

This is all about the best budget keyboards under 500 Rupees. Though it is tough to sort out the best in this price range we have picked up the keyboards that offered the best value for money with a good build quality and modern design combined with better performance as well. If you are still confused about picking the one that fits into your shoes, here is a breakdown analysis on buying the right one.

If you need a keyboard for multimedia and gaming needs then Amkette Pro and Amkette Neo will be the best pick. Dell KB 216 and HP Keyboard K 1500, though they don’t offer more features they are from trusted brands like Dell and HP. They are good for heavy usage and offer solid performance and durability.

Zebronics Judwaa 543 is a portable keyboard with a compact design and Zebronics KM 2000 is another gaming and multimedia keyboard with modern design. If you need a good quality keyboard at a very low price then Intex Corona Slim is a perfect choice.

Need any assistance? Reach us through comments we are happy to help you and guide you to pick the best. You can also tweet your query to us @gadgetflips or message us on Facebook at GadgetFlips.

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7 Best Keyboards Under 500 INR with Premium Features

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