8 Best Mouse Under 500 with Premium Quality

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Brief: Looking for a reliable mouse Under 500 Rupees price range? Then you are in the right place. Here below you can find some of the best Mouse under 500 INR in India, manufactured by leading brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Logitech. Dive through the list and pick the one that best fits you.

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A mouse is an essential input device for a Personal Computer or Laptop. Even though laptops come with an integrated trackpad, working with a separate physical mouse is way more productive than operating a Laptop using a trackpad. It is also more flexible and convenient to operate. It is almost not so easy to use a computer without a mouse.

Affordable PC mouse

So if you are looking for the best quality mouse for your Desktop or a secondary mouse to your Laptop, then check out our list of best-wired USB Mouses that are available below 500 Rs in India. Fortunately, there are various high-quality mouses available from several leading brands like Dell, HP, Logitech, and Lenovo and these mouses come with unmatched quality at an affordable price.

So check out our list of the best mouse under 500 that are good for day to day usage.

Best Wired Mouse Under 500

RankMouseQuick Buy
1Dell MS116Buy Here
2HP X1000Buy Here
3Logitech M235 Wireless MouseBuy Here
4HP X500Buy Here
5Logitech B100Buy Here
6Lenovo 300Buy Here
7Logitech M90Buy Here
8Lenovo M110Buy Here

1. Dell MS116

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This the best mouse you can get at a very cheap price. Dell MS116 is the best mouse under 500 rupees that is an ideal choice for regular usage. It is a wired optical mouse with a cable length of 1.8 meters. Dell MS116 is a perfect fit in hand with simple design and offers a good grip. It is a good choice for Home, Office and corporate workplaces. The best thing about this mouse is that it comes with 3-year warranty.

Key Features:

  • Optical LED Tracking with 1000 DPI
  • Simple Plug n Play USB interface.
  • Supports Windows and Linux Operating systems
  • Reliable and comfortable mouse.
  • 3-Year Warranty

2. HP X1000

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HP x1000 mouse

HP x1000 is the most stylish mouse with a glossy design. It looks very ergonomic and is a great fit for regular usage. Except for gaming, this mouse is an ideal fit for home and office use, It can be paired with desktop and laptops with ease as it comes with a USB interface. You can quickly plug it to one of the USB 2.0 ports and start using stylishly. This optical mouse works fine on every surface.

Key Features:

  • Stylish, sleek and modern design
  • Ideal for home and office.
  • 1000 DPI Optical sensor works perfectly on any surface.
  • 3 Buttons with a scroll wheel.
  • USB 2.0 interface

3. Logitech M235 Wireless Mouse

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Logitech M235 Wireless mouse

This Logitech Wireless mouse has got a huge price cut and is now available for just Rs. 499. This is the best wireless mouse under Rs. 500 you can purchase right now. It is the best seller in its segment and is worth every rupee. Talking about features the mouse is a Wireless that can be operated from up to 10 meters. It works seamlessly with almost all the latest Operating systems as it works on Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity. Other features include:

Key Features:

  • Best mouse under 500 INR with wireless connectivity.
  • Advanced Optical Tracking
  • Excellent battery life.
  • 1000 DPI sensor resolution
  • Comfortable and less in weight (84 Grams)
  • Comes with 3-year Warranty.

4. HP USB X500

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A good quality mouse with modern design with stunning looks. HP X500 is a heavyweight mouse weighing 141 grams making it a good mouse for playing games as well. It is even capable of satisfying your gaming needs,. HP X500 is also the best gaming mouse under 500 INR and can handle medium games You can play games like Battlefield, Far Cry 4, Hitman etc without any issues. If you also play games on your computer and also looking for a budget mouse day to day usage HP X500 will be a perfect choice under 500 rupees. HP X500 is also the best gaming mouse under 500 INR and can handle medium games.

Key features:

  • Good sensitivity
  • Best for gaming as well.
  • Good for Notebooks and Desktops.
  • 3 buttons with scroll wheel

5. Logitech B100 Optical Mouse

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Logitech B100

Logitech is one of the Industry pioneers in making the high-quality computer accessories. It is a well-known brand for keyboards and mouses. Logitech B100 is an entry-level mouse that is ideal for basic computer usage. It offers superior comfort with plastic build material. The roughed interface makes the mouse stay in hand without getting out of control. It is light in weight with a weight of 109 grams.

Key Features:

  • 800 DPI Optical sensor.
  • Supports USB 3.0 interface.
  • Supports Windows and Linux.
  • Quick Setup.
  • Comfortable, ambidextrous design


6. Lenovo 300

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Lenovo 300 USB Mouse

A sturdy Mouse designed for students. Lenovo 300 USB mouse sports a clean and streamlined design that feels just right in the hand. The wheel of this mouse looks way too crazy and it looks very irrelevant to design. If you are okay with that then you will be very happy to use in everyday life as it offers greater performance. It shares design aspects with Dell MS 116 and looks similar to it. Lenovo is offering 1-year warranty on the device. Just like Lenovo M110 this mouse also comes with a 1-Year Domestic warranty.

Key Features:

  • Light-weight mouse with clean and sturdy Design.
  • Built to survive at least million taps.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Compatible with All Laptops and Desktop.


7. Logitech M90

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Logitech M90

Logitech M90 is a simple mouse from the trusted Manufacturer of Computer accessories. It is built for durability with simplicity in mind. The Almond-shaped design slips perfectly into making it easier to navigate on your computer screen. The powerful optical sensor below the mouse works even without a mouse pad with high accuracy.

Key Features:

  • Accurate optical tracking technology.
  • Works even without a trackpad.
  • Convenient and handy design.
  • 1 year limited hardware warranty

8. Lenovo M110

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lenovo m110

This mouse from the PC maker Lenovo has a unique design on it and it might look a bit weird. It is a lightweight mouse with an optical sensor. When compared to the design of mouses from HP, the design of Lenovo M110 may not be so modern but it is not so bad either. The rugged design offers good grip in hand. Coming to performance the Lenovo branded mouse can sustain a million clicks. The mouse comes with a 1 Year Domestic warranty which less compared to Dell and HP.

Key Features:

  • Lag-free performance.
  • Sustains 1 Million taps and infinite scrolls.
  • Sturdy Mouse with ergonomic design.

Final Verdict:

Getting a reliable and best mouse under 500 is a daunting task the e-commerce stores are flooded with cheap knock-offs that just stops working within a month or less from the day you purchase. In order to eliminate the pain in choosing a perfect mouse with solid build quality within the low price, we have curated some of the best PC mouses that you can rely on for your heavy day to day computer needs.

Still, if you are confused to pick one from the above mouses, here is a quick verdict that helps you judge the best mouse by usage. Dell MS116 is an ideal choice for users looking for heavy usage. If you need a stylish mouse with a beautiful design on your desk then HP X1000 is an awesome choice for you with a price tag of Rs. 249. HP X500 is one of the best gaming mice under 500 INR and is a performance-oriented mouse.

Logitech B100 and Logitech M90 is a good choice for office use they improve productivity with an ambidextrous design. Lenovo 300 and Lenovo M110 are the perfect mice for use at public places like Internet cafes as they can sustain more taps and they come at a low price. Hope the guide helps you in picking the right one.

Need any assistance? Reach us through comments we are happy to help you and guide you to pick the best. You can also tweet your query to us @gadgetflips or message us on Facebook at GadgetFlips


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8 Best Mouse Under 500 with Premium Quality

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