Tips to Maintain Your Smartphone As Good As New?


Most of the smartphone makers boast of exciting features inside their devices. But as the time passes by, the smartphone’s performance degenerate making them slow. Also, the build of mid-range devices deteriorates with time forcing you to buy a new device. But if you follow some tips you can improve your device performance and also make it look like new even after a year. So here are some smartphone maintenance tips for you.

We invest thousands of bucks and considerable time to choose a perfect smartphone that matches our future as it would definitely stay with us for the coming few years (at least a couple of years). But the modern day smartphones get old in just months of time and making us disappointed.(I miss the good old Nokia Phones with rock-solid build). we only can wish for our smartphone to work as it did when it was brand new.

With few tips and proper maintenance, you can actually make your wish come true. So here we have curated some easy tips that will keep your smartphone as good as new.

1. Use a Good Case and Screen Protector

It is always advisable to use a Mobile case and screen protector to protect it from accidental slips and falls. Whatever the condition of the device be (new or used), always use a mobile case. This will even prevent your phone from attracting fingerprints and stains on its body. If you are not sure of what type of cases are best then always go with full body and armour cases with a rugged back. They might feel heavy but they offer more durability than others.

A good quality screen case will never encounter you with the Oops! moments of accidental screen breakage. A premium screen cover will repel the oil and grease stains that happen on regular usage.

2. Clean your phone regularly

At times, in spite of using covers and cases, dust particles easily enter into the interiors of the device through the open ports like charging and headphone jack. If unnoticed, this accumulated dust could trouble your phone in long run. So always wipe your smartphone with a micro-fibre cloth at frequent intervals. Clean the interiors and exteriors frequently. This will remove the dust inside the device. Never use wet tissues and cleaners as they will leave moisture inside and outside your device.

3. Don’t drop your Phone Often

Dropping your phone is the scariest thing one can encounter. You will end either discarding your phone or be paying up huge bills at smartphone service centres. In most cases, it happens accidentally. But some people have the habit of throwing smartphones on dest or on beds. If you have the habit of doing this then you should stop doing it immediately. Doing so would lead to the displacement of any moving parts present inside the phone.


Especially the battery, if you do this more often it may break the battery separator which is placed in between anode and cathode which will ultimately raise the battery temperatures to dangerous levels that will result in an explosion at times.

4. Keep Your Phone Memory Free

Most of the smartphones these days are equipped with an internal storage ranging from 16 GB to 128 GB and even 256 GB as well. They are also complemented with an option to extend storage externally via an SD Card. If you are able to pick the devices with high internal storage then you are on the safe side. People who adjust for the devices with low storage will more frequently see their devices running out of storage.

One thing that is observed in phones with low storage is that their performance is degraded. This is mainly because cluttering your phone with apps and files will interfere with the system actions and slow down your phone. The phone will hang more frequently

So in order to maintain the device performance in a healthy state don’t feed your phone with more files and apps. Always make sure that the overall memory of your smartphone should not be filled beyond 80% of total storage.

You can use apps like ES File Explorer and Google Files Go to monitor your phone’s memory.

5. Keep an Eye on Built-In controls

Always close the apps that are not in use. Letting them stay in the background will affect the performance of your device and also kill your battery. Also turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Mobile Data when not in use. Disable the background sync for apps which are not important to you. These apps will kill your battery making it drain faster. Always clear cache at frequent intervals (maybe once in a week) to boost memory and performance.

Final Suggestions:

These tips will help you take care of your smartphone and assist you to maintain it properly. This will also save your wallets from the service centre bills as you don’t have to go there more often. So that’s all from us and if you have any other tips you can share them with us through the comments. We will add them to the list so that others can get benefitted from your tips.

Meanwhile to get more such tips and latest updates regarding Gadgets and Gizmos follow us on our social media profiles Facebook and Twitter. Also, share this with someone you care and let us help them to keep their phone healthy.

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Tips to Maintain Your Smartphone As Good As New?

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