‘Ultra-E’ Launches Its First Ultra-Fast Electric Car Charging Station in Europe


Almost all the major Automakers have redesigned their production lines to manufacture electric motors. Tesla is already in the news by announcing its powerful line of luxury cars and is far beyond every other automaker. With the natural resources getting consumed at lightning speeds, electricity seems to serve the future needs of the transport industry.

This new alternative technology has its own Infrastructure. Electric cars have already hit the roads in the major markets and they have been received quite well. The only problem with them is the charging time and lack of more recharging stations.

Tesla, the forerunner of electric cars industry has developed its own Supercharger network. This Tesla Supercharger network is a system of 480-volt DC fast-charging stations built by American vehicle manufacturer Tesla Inc. to allow longer journeys for their all-electric manufactured vehicles (Model S, 3 and X), through the quick charging of the vehicle’s battery packs. As of December 2017, there were 1,045 stations globally, with 7,496 chargers.

Tesla Supercharger

Tesla Supercharger

Unfortunately, these stations are only available for Tesla owners. For people living in Europe here is a good news for you. Ultra-E, a company, backed by Allego, Audi, BMW, Magna, Renault, Hubject, etc. brought its first ultra-fast charging station live in Europe. This is the first electric-car charging network with charge rates up to 350 kW in Europe.


The noteworthy thing is that it is the first public station with the super fast chargers in Europe. These chargers are capable of charging four cars simultaneously.

A five-minute charge at this station can give your EV a range of 100 kilometres or approximately 62 Miles.

As of now, the Ultra-E charging stations offer to charge at rates of 175 kilowatts (kW), which may be soon upgraded to 350 kilowatts.

Currently, these charging stations are located in Kleinostheim close to the A3 motorway, at the Aschaffenburg-West exit on Saaläcker Strasse. more stations will go online and the company plans to open a charging station at every 150 to 200 kilometres or so – which converts to around 93 to 124 miles – near motorway exits.

Ulf Schulte, COO of Allego said, “We are delighted to be setting a milestone for future electro-mobility in Europe with this new generation of fast chargers.”

“Interoperability comes as standard at Allego. We support all the current charging cards and access apps, enabling anyone to charge their e-car at Allego and quickly be on their way. It is thanks chiefly to our working relationships with our numerous partners that we are able to offer this comprehensive service.”, added Schulte.

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‘Ultra-E’ Launches Its First Ultra-Fast Electric Car Charging Station in Europe

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